Thursday, June 16, 2011


I jogged more than a mile on Wednesday and my leg didnt break in half or hurt any more than it currently does now. (which is "generally" not much pain unless I start poking at the special section on my shin/calf)

Success of the MICE!!
(moving, ice, compression, elevation)

CES training got cancelled after our warmup due to tornado warnings otherwise I would have done *maybe* 3 more miles.

While back at the fleet feet.....
Got a trigger point kit to help massage deeper into my calf. I was sold on it when the guy at fleet feet demoed it on my bum calf. It hurt, but 2 seconds later my calf felt better.


I was going to replace my "fun noodle" type roller with a grid- something to massage deeper. But the TP kit is much more suited for what I need. I will still use the roller for my back.

So currently the injury is in its 2nd (officially no running) or 3rd week (1st week i thought it would go away fast- the 5k time trail didn't help it at all) and is improving a lot- through cycling, ice, compression socks and elevating it at work on a trash can.

Sometimes after a hard workout on the cycle or tread- with an incline of 6.5+ it will throb afterwards with some pain (I found that walking fast on the tread with the incline doesn't bother the afflicted muscle that much)

This week I Could hop a few times on the right leg by itself. Could not do that without imagining my leg breaking last week. I also haven't taken any Motrin to alleviate the pain this week. I know it's getting better. I will try to run again on Saturday with the group- but only a few miles, very easy.

If you use the TP kit, what is your favorite way to massage your calf?

---I'm still figuring it out and trying to remember what the guy demonstrated at the store. The manual is not helpful. I need more details.


  1. Hope that trigger point kit does the trick for your tight calves. I struggle with that problem, too, and I know how frustrating it can be.

  2. I am happy that your injury is improving. That is great news.

  3. Ive wanted to get that trigger point massager, and just have not yet. I love their equiptment, it does feel a but uncomfortable at first but then after a few minutes it feels so good. Glad that you are making it a priority to take care of this injury before it completely debilitates you and that you are making good progress.

  4. I love the trigger point products - I have the trigger point ball and the grid foam roller too. I find that I like the strong pressure of it. For the ball I think it's good to sit on to work the glutes too.

    Hopefully your calf improves soon and you can get back to running! Nice job on staying in shape despite the calf strain.

  5. Seriously... I have GOT to get a foam roller.

  6. I am going to have to find my foam roller and start using it again. I have been too lazy/busy to stretch much lately and my hammies are letting me know!

    Injuries really suck, hope your calf continues to improve.