Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspiration- Chicago marathon style

His resting heart rate is 35-38 bpm.

Myself, Moses Mosop (2nd place at Boston with a 2:03:06- fastest debut marathon ever) and Carey Pinkowski (Chicago marathon race director)

It was announced yesterday that Moses will run the Chicago marathon in October. I am humbled to be able to run in his footsteps again.

Moses and Carey made a special appearance at running away multisport before the fun run.

I said congratulations to Moses and shook his hand. Moses and Carey were so genuine and nice to chat with.

The smile on Moses' face is what I remember most.



  1. Awesome that you got to meet Moeses! As well as Carey!

    A 35-38 resting heart rate is crazy, that sounds like Lance Armstrong.

    And that is insane that he got a 2:03 marathon, I just did the math, and that comes out to be 12.8 mph average - insane, haha

  2. Ahh, good choice of events. That is really special and you should put that pick right next to you and Meb.

    So by the time normal people like you and I cross the line he will have finished, gone to his hotel and showered, took a nap, ate, and probably packed his bags for home. HA!

  3. How awesome. I think you made the right choice yesterday! That resting heart

  4. Wow, that is so awesome that you got to meet both of them - and that picture seriously rocks.