Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 1 review

Yesterday (Monday) I went for an easy run with CB. It was over 80 degrees out and sunny. AND beautiful.

I wanted to keep the pace easy, which is sometimes a problem running with CB, because he likes to push the pace. But because of the heat, we were both on the same page about how fast we wanted to go.

Happy Happy CB post run.

Week 1 Chicago Marathon Training Review:

22.65 miles

1:45 hours of cross training

6 miles 51:16
Pace: 8:32
Lost 1.5 lbs and felt super dehydrated- I even drank half the bottle of Nuun I had with me. Need to work on hydration more.

30 minutes stationary bike- 7 miles, pace 4:17/mile (first time using stationary bike)
15 minutes elliptical- 1.86 miles

5.65 miles 50 minutes
Pace 8:51
Treadmill because of weather

30 minutes Stationary bike- 8.16 miles
30 minutes yoga

1 mile 9:15 shakeout for Soldier field 10

10 miles 1:23.14
Pace 8:20
(fastest pace per mile in a race to date!)


This week I am looking forward to week 2 of the training for the Chicago Marathon. I am also looking forward to running the 13.1 marathon, Chicago on Saturday. It will be my last half marathon until August when I start doing some tune up- see where I am- halfs before the Chicago Marathon.

What was the highlight of your extended weekend?
What's on tap for this week?




  1. You are a racing machine girl! I wish I had the bank account you have to be able to afford these races.

    Hopefully the weather will be lovely, and you will have a great time at the 13.1. You're off to a wonderul start with your training as well.

  2. Great job on your training! I wish you the best of luck this weekend!

  3. I wonder if we passed each other on Monday! It was a hot one!

    I am currently signed up for the Race to the Zoo 5K, Race to the Taste 5K, Bastille Day run (the 8K), and the Rock and Roll Half in August.

    Sounds like your marathon training is off to a great start!