Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another one in the books

Fleet Feet Soldier field 10 mile

1:23 and change

A new pr! Well it was my 1st 10 mile race so it's a PR right?
I averaged faster pace per mile than all the races I've done this year. It's definitely a PR in my books...

CB sporting the sweet medal.

Race recap to come.

Time to eat more and ice my achy breaky shin.

Happy weekend!



  1. Hey wonderful job today! Sorry I missed you, my stomach and I were in a fight this morning and the only place I wanted to be was at home curled in a ball in my bed after the race.

    And the pup looks darling in the medal!

  2. way to kick off your list of 10-milers on a high note -- that's setting the bar high for your next PR! Seems like a great distance -- the half is my fave, and you could push it a little more knowing you have 3 miles less :)

    What's up with having TWO blogs, overachiever!? Should I check out the other one?

  3. CB looks good with your medal! Congrats on the PR :)

  4. Nice job! Sounds like the race went great! Finishing on Soldier Field sounds awesome.

    And can't believe that you have a half marathon next week, no rest for the weary!

  5. Great job on the race! That's a fast time for a 10-miler---awesome!