Monday, May 30, 2011

Soldier Field 10

1:23.14- Avg pace= 8:20 per mile
5 mile Split- 41:50= 8:22 per mile
2nd half-  41.24= 8:16 per mile 
YAY negative Splits!! 
AVG heart rate: 183, Max 193

I used my "marathon mix" on my Ipod for this race. Not sure if i really care about having music while running yet since I only use it while in the gym.

I was pretty pumped about this race. I struggled with what to wear since it would be in the low 50's at the start (and that I would have to walk about 1.5 miles to get there- then wait around)

 I ended up wearing my Nike LunaRacer + shoes, brooks neon yellow long sleeve tech shirt from the Bill Rodgers Running Center, and purple shorts from the Track and Field store in BrazilI was pretty much an explosion of color. The T&F shorts were possibly the most comfortable i've worn EVER. I had just gotten them, and wanted to try them out in the SF10. It could have been a huge mistake- but they felt great- no wedgies or chaffing. They even have a nice pocket to fit a gu or 2. 

The race was sold out at 15,000 people. It was extremely well organized considering the volume of participants. There were port-a-potties and the restrooms inside of soldier field were also open. It was 55degrees, overcast,  and 100% humidity at the start. Perfect distance running weather!!

Nike LunaRacer + 
First time I've worn them for a long distance- previous long was 5 miles. They felt great the entire time!

I found my corral easily and joined the herd for the start. They had a nice tribute to the service men and women, played taps (extremely nice touch) and then we were off!

The start was smooth, but I felt I went out too fast. We had to run through a building and the satellite connection was lost.  

Mile 1       8:04
Mile 2       8:10
Mile  3      8:21
Mile 4       8:25
Mile 5       8:23

I finally settled down and tried to keep an even effort for the race. It was somewhat comforting to know there wouldn't be the extra 5K at the end to make a half marathon! I started feeling hot and wished I had opted for shorter sleeves. I took water at nearly all of the water/ gatorade stations.

Right before the second half I took a Tri berry Gu gel and washed it down with some water. I still find those less appealing than the chomps/bloks. But since I bought a huge sample pack from Active Schwaggle- I figured I should try to use them more. The GU should be easier to get down because you dont need to chew it- i just have a problem getting them down- i feel like im going to choke on it.

I started picking up the pace the last few miles and "targeting"  people to catch.

Mile 6       8:16
Mile 7       8:18
Mile 8       8:16
Mile 9       8:15
Mile 10    8:37  (went through the stadium and lost the connection, felt like I was still moving forward and not slowing- i dunno)
.03 extra - thank you garmin! 10 seconds

It was really, really cool to come running onto the field into the stadium. I felt like a pro footballer running out there.  Seeing myself on the jumbo-tron was also so cool!  They quickly shuffled us off the field and back into the stadium to get water and collect our medals.

Post race- I walked around the party area for a few minutes- it had live music, food for purchase, but I just wanted to head back home. I was feeling kind of ill most likely because I was dehydrated. I picked up my blanket and walked back home.

I really dig the medal.

Went to a place close to my apartment for lunch post race. All I could think about during the race was their chili (with everything on it) and a nice cold Guinness. It definitely hit the spot!

For dessert, I went to Kingoberry and got a tart fro-yo with mochi, fruity pebbles and gummy bears. YUM!

Sunday I took a rest day because I just wanted to relax. No muscle pain or stiffness. I just kept icing the bum shin, and stretching.

The organization of this race was AWESOME! I would definitely do it again next year. I also liked how it was out and back- but not on the same exact part of the road. It was out on the Lake Front drive heading south, and then on the Lake Front Path heading back north. There were ample water/ aid stations, and there was a high school marching band around mile 9 which made me smile.  All in all, a really cool race.



  1. Yay, congrats on your race!
    Fun picture borders.
    And that tart yogurt looks really good.

  2. Congrats on the amazing finish! I am another Chicago runner as well, though I didn't run the SF10. Love your blog!

  3. I love the choice of outfits! I'm glad you had a great time, and for your first 10 miler you did AWESOME!

    On to marathon training!

  4. Great report! Sounds like the race went perfect!

    That would be really cool finishing where the Bears play! And that is great medal too!