Friday, May 13, 2011


The active forecast for Sunday- the Chicago spring half marathon

*I looked at the forecast earlier in the week and only saw cool weather (yay!) and small chance of showers. Now it's rain and wind too*

I don't know what to wear now. Should I wear my Saucony (somewhat) rain proof jacket and capris, or skip the jacket?

The wind won't be fun either. Since it is an out and back course, we can all look forward to the 2nd half (heading north) having 18mph headwinds. (the course is 95% of where I usually train. The headwinds aren't fun.)

Cold rain and wind. Don't like it.



  1. Damn! That does not look like fun! I am hoping that the forecast is wrong and that you have great weather! If not go with the rain jacket!

  2. Great morning for a run! I'm having the same apparel dilema right now too. Don't want to be too cold or wet, and my goodness that wind will be fierce!

    Best of luck to you. Maybe I will see you there!

  3. good luck in the race, those conditions sound terrible! That will be rough running into 20 mph winds the 2nd half of the race!

  4. The weather never seems to really want to cooperate.
    good luck with the race

  5. Good luck! I think it's so tough with chicago because the weather can be anything ! At least it's not 90 degree :). You're gonna be awesome!!!