Thursday, May 12, 2011

Terrific Tasty Thursday

Found the More cupcake truck on the way to work this morning.

Passion fruit, chocolate, cookies n cream, carrot, red velvet and many more.

Which to choose!?!


(I like using different lens/film combos in the hipstamatic app)

Breakfast. Carrot cupcake, cherry yogurt parfait, three region blend coffee from starbucks- but sadly not from the Clover machine. This particular location hasn't heard of the magic clover brewing machine that the location closer to my office has. Oh well. The blend is still delicious.

Yes- it was moist and tasty and everything you would dream that a really good carrot cupcake should be.

I love Chicago street food trucks. There is a wide variety of gourmet food cruising the downtown everyday during lunchtime.

Do you have street food, a maggot wagon, or a roach coach in your area that you like to get food from?



  1. We do not have street food or maggot wagons in my area. And boy do I wish that we did. I am jealous. I think I need a trip to Chicago!

  2. lol, your comment on my blog today was great. I haven't been to the places you mention, but I will definitely try to check them out in the future!

    Those cupcakes above look good, my favorite kind is probably red velvet =)

  3. Holy cow that looks amazing. I really love the camera effects too!