Wednesday, May 25, 2011

La clima esta loca!

Chicago has some of the craziest weather I've seen.

Florida weather is fairly predictable.

Nor Cal weather was pretty much the same all the time.

(just add or subtract fog, and some winter rain)

Here in Chicago it is crazy.

Monday I ran 6 miles outside. It was sunny and 80 something out. I lost 1.5 lbs on the run from sweating so much. It was beautiful outside.

Tuesday the temps started in the 60's and by the time I went home it was in the low 40's and very very windy.

(looks nice, but was coooold!)

Wednesday we are experiencing rainy, windy, lightning, tornado watch conditions. It is currently 49 degrees.

(a view of this morning)

While walking to work I saw lightning- heard thunder. It was also so dark that it seemed like it should have been 10pm, not 7:40am. The street lights were on, it was raining....

I need to run tonight and will definitely be taking my run indoors because I don't want to get zapped by the lightning.

I've decided not to look at the weather forecast for Saturday yet (soldier field 10 mile). I don't want to stress myself out about what to expect just yet because I know the forecast can change dramatically between now and Saturday morning.

Do you have crazy unpredictable weather where you live?



  1. its not crazy here in Houston, TX. its either so hot you want to die, or so hot you can deal with it and not want to die.

    thats april thru sept.

    then we have the weather we will just call not hot at all. not cold by anything north of OK cold, so we will just say its not hot oct-march. :)

    oh and when i come back to chicago for round 2 of your marathon in oct, could you please make it so its NOT HOT. i get enough of that down here :)

  2. Oh yeah, the weather has been real weird in Colorado this year. I don't like it! I try to avoid weather forecasts but a co-worker loves to keep me informed. Blah!

  3. The weather in Montana has been crazy also. We've had the longest prolonged winter and now cool wet spring. Rain rain rain. We've nearly had a year's worth of rain this month. NUTS, water everywhere flooding, bridges and roads washed away!

  4. i have a 5-H border collie, great dogs, awesome to run with. Pretty much a border collie (50%) , but are also about 25% blue heeler, 6% bull terrier (gives them a shorter, slicker coat and heading instincts) and the rest just depending of what they were crossed with. the 5h stands for heading, herding, heeling, heeding, and hardiness. The breed was originated in Australia. Great cow dogs and running partners :)

  5. This weather is freaky lately, but your photos are beautiful.

    I'm hoping for a lovely Saturday morning for the SF 10. Best of luck to you!!!

  6. Ummm code grey in the hospital...that's code for TORNADO. We had to move all the patients out of their rooms, away from the windows, to the hallways. Then all the residents went to the workroom to see out the window to see the huge storm from the 7th floor. We're a smart bunch. Then I got a shower on the way home from work. By shower, I mean I was as wet as I get in the shower by the time I got to my car. Crap.

  7. I hate unpredictable weather! I just moved to GA so not sure what the weather overall is like! In Hong Kong where I used to live it was crazy!