Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week in review 5/9 - 5/15

This past week rocked!

Got a new PR in the half marathon. It was only 20 seconds, but the conditions made me fight for every single one.

Tonight I ran 2 easy miles with CB. We ran to the dog park, played for a few and then ran home. I love when he is happy. It was 43 out, with 30 mph gusty winds. BRRR!

Happy Cb.

Review of last week:
I ran 25 miles including the half. Wanted closer to 35, but took 3 days off to let my shin thing heal. I get posterior pain (inside of leg) on my right shin where the bone meets the muscle a few inches above the ankle area. The pain will feel like a bruise and be about 3 inches in length. If I ice it, it usually goes away for a while. the 10 mile run I did a week ago felt awesome. The next day I did 2 miles on the tread and had to stop because the shin was bothering me. I know my right calf, ham string, right leg in general is considerably less flexible than my left. This might be a contributing factor. Im holding right side stretches longer to play "catch up" with the left leg now.

Cb makes sure I RICE.
(I have a pack that i wrap around my leg- its filled with clay! got it at target. no messy melting ice- it is great!)

In eating news, I just finished my second week of eating a tablespoon of chia seeds every morning. (1 tbs chia, 1/3 cup water- stir a few times during the 5 minute soak)I just slurp them down before I head to work- before I eat or drink anything.

I love the flavor and texture of the gel/seeds mix. They are the "Aztec Superfood." whatever that means. They are supposed to keep you hydrated longer during endurance events. I'll go into more detail another time. I think I have more energy because of them, but its still too early to tell.

I also bought a scale.

It's a Conair weight watchers glass digital scale. I got it because it looked pretty (a light sea foam color) and was digital. My goal is to drop some unnecessary lbs between now and the Chicago Marathon. I need a way to keep track.

That's all for last week.

What was the highlight of your week- last week?

What's your favorite "Superfood"?

- I like Acai. Chia is my new favorite



  1. Honestly what is with this wind lately? I think that it's amazing that you PRed on Sunday. Imagine how great your time would have been had the winds been a little calmer. Well deserved!

  2. I'm excited to try Chia seeds--I've been reading a lot about it lately. I eat a lot of oatmeal and I put flax on basically EVERYTHING!

  3. Congrats on the 1/2 PR. That is absolutely awesome! The highlith of my week was swimming 3700 yrds. That is the longest I have ever swam!