Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun in the sun

Went to Tampa, fl for the weekend. I graduated with my 2nd bachelors degree on Friday night and had loads of time to have fun and eat and drink until my flight on Sunday night.

(cool statue birds in the TPA)

(me at the beautiful campus of Saint Leo University- my new Alma mata)


Celebration dinner @ Leroy Selmon's restaurant. Pulled pork and corn bread pudding. Heaven on earth.

Went for a few runs in new Tampa. It was 85 outside, something I'm not used to since I've been training mostly in sub 40 degree temps lately.

But it felt good to go out and sweat instead of packing on the layers to run in the cold. And the scenery was nice. I miss Tampa a little, but prefer the big city life.

Even got to meet the belladog. She is a very sweet pup and has adjusted well to her life in Florida.

Got to the Rays vs angels game too!

The "trop"

No chance of this game being rained out!!

More cowbell!!

And the rays won! Yay! I was happy to see a baseball game after my Cubbies got rained out earlier in the week.

Portobello Swiss burger and chili cheese fries from steak n shake.

I would not recommend eating that at midnight the night before a run or walk of any length unless you want to see what you're made of.

I ran 3 miles the next morning in 24:28 and felt like I was going to die half way through. The combo of the food and the heat were awesome if you wanted to test how well you can run while having GI issues, lesson learned.

It was a great weekend. Got to show my wonderful, wonderful Tampa and got to hang with my dad and the belladog. (and graduate!) and drink too much beer, and eat too much delicious food.

Glad to be back home and to see my precious CB later.

Congrats to everyone who raced last weekend!!

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  1. Congratulations on your second degree! That is awesome!