Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy CB

3 miles in 25:40 with my sweet pup CB tonight.

It is the first time in a while that i've taken him for a run. While training for Boston, I would only do my long runs outside- and everything else on the treadmill to avoid being in the sub freezing temps. (CB's feet would get cold and he would start to limp and look all pathetic even if I took him outside for 5 minutes for a potty break)

When the weather warmed up we hit the Lakefront path a few times- but due to cyclists who are going really fast, and the unpredictability of CB,SQUIRREL!!!!! we decided that wasn't a good idea either.

Tonight we ran on a big sidewalk parallel to the lakefront and only encountered a few runners and walkers. It was nice.

Super Happy CB

He made me promise that I would take him out for a run again tomorrow.


Happy Happy CB and me!! (his breath smells like rotten fish/ garbage)

So while we were walking back home I suddenly remembered I had registered for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon on May 15.  HOLY CRAPOLA! I almost forgot i'm running a half next weekend!
YIKES!!  Im not sure about time goals yet because Im trying to be in healthy non-injured shape for when CES training starts in a month for the Chicago Marathon (and have been recovering from Boston a few weeks ago).  Looks like a 10+ miler is in the forecast for me this weekend.

What's your favorite distance to race?

I love half marathons. LOVE THEM! Getting a shirt, and a medal have me hooked. Plus I like the distance- im not fast so I feel out of place at the shorter races. If i'm training for a marathon I can use the 13.1 as a "training run" and get a shirt and medal out of it!  :)

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