Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One month

One month from today starts the kickoff for Chicago Marathon training!!! OMG!

I decided to try training with a group for marathon #4 so that I could realize a fuller potential for my efforts. I like running solo and hearing the pitter-patter of my feet hitting the pavement- and my CB's feet trotting- and the birds chirping. But, I figured since i'm taking running a bit more seriously than last year, that I should really push myself and give it my all for Chicago. With a group i'm:
  •  Less likely to stop when i get tired. (to stretch, eat chomps, take in the scenery, take photos, etc...)
  • Going to be held/hold myself more accountable for running.
  • Going to make some new friends! 
  • Able to get all the running talk out of my system before I get home.. (who am i kidding?!)
  • Push myself more than before. I want a killer PR in this race.

Im a little nervous about the whole group thing. Haven;t done that since high school cross country a decade ago. But i'm excited to be around runners and make friends who will divulge all of the must- eats in Chicago.

The only thing Im conflicted about is the training starts on June 4, but I couldn't help myself and had to register for the

Did you know that if you do the 13.1 on June 4 and the Chicago Half marathon  September 11, you can do the  Windy City 26.2 Challenge!! You get another medal (YAY because thats the reason I do half marathons instead of shorter distances lol)  a combined time, and special packet pickup for the Chicago half. And also: "There accomplishment will also give them the privilege of boasting to you family, friends and co-works that you ran a full marathon in the summer of 2011." the weird grammar is taken directly from the website...

UM, NO!  You do not run a "full marathon" by doing 2 half marathons 3 months apart... SORRY must disagree. It's still a HUGE accomplishment- just not a "full marathon.".i'll step off my soapbox now.

 I will have to decide whether to bail on the first week of the CES training, or to go to the other location for the Sunday run instead for this one time. It's a 20 week program  and I dont plan on missing any other training runs- so maybe i'll just pick it up for week 2.

I'm really excited for marathon #4. (and the other races before it)

Have you ever trained with a group? What did you like/dislike about it?


  1. hahaha - TOTALLY agree about the "full marathon" thing! There is a huge dif between a half and a full. My favorite question is people asking me "how long was your marathon?" :).
    Good luck with your group!!

  2. I train with a group and I enjoy it. Sometimes runs are better than others but just having someone else holding me accountable really helps!

  3. I haven't trained with a group before. But I can definitely see where it would be beneficial.

  4. I've never really trained with other people before, as a runner. Other sports, yes, but running is my solo thing! I know I need to branch out and get used to running with others every once in a while though!